Paperwork collections

With UK and Republic of Ireland coverage, prism can offer a fast and secure way of collecting application and renewal forms, along with other important documents from merchants.

Whether you are looking for complete documentation or just a missing page or two, a visit to site by prism can help move the application process along. This means the end user is using your services quicker and providing you with another revenue stream.

Prism can also add any information you require to our system.  So if you’d like our field force to complete a checklist, we can do that which again enables you to see what has been collected from the merchant.

As with all the prism services you will be given access to our PRISM system so you can keep a track on the success of the visits.  In addition, with the NEW PRISM App our field force can capture an electronic signature enabling you to progress the merchant application before receiving the completed paperwork in the post. We are able to attach photos of the completed application form to each job sheet.

Product training

Prism undertakes staff training on your behalf when visiting sites for new installations or device upgrades as standard.

We also understand how important it is for the end user to get the most out of their device and feel at ease with all the functionalities.  We can attend sites on your behalf to train staff on new functions or to even just give them refresher training.

It could also be that there are new members of staff and rather than staff taking time out to train them we can provide the resource to undertake their training.

Another service that prism offers is an engineer(s) to attend events (auction; sporting; exhibitions and concerts) to make sure that both the retailer and the devices are supported during the event – imagine not being able to take credit card payments during a charity auction!

Site surveys and audits

For a complete merchant experience, why not use prism to visit your client sites and survey them to make sure the device chosen fits the environment?

Imagine the frustration of your client and their customer when payment cannot be taken due to poor connectivity or being out of range?  Our field force can visit the merchant and advise which devices will work best and where to locate them.

Prism can:

  • Complete surveys or questionnaires whilst on site.
  • Draw detailed plans of the site showing layout and position of current devices.
  • Include areas where currently there are issues with devices and our recommendations.
  • Take photos of the site and attach to the job sheet on PRISM.

Prism can also offer visits to sites where for one reason or another you feel there may be a problem. It may be that you have not been able to contact the site on a number of occasions. We can attend the site and report our findings. It enables you to have up-to-date information on that merchant and we can again take pictures of the premises for your records.