Whilst working closely with several of our key customers, it became apparent that our clients would benefit from an efficient, cost effective signage installation service. We were quickly able to launch this nationwide service and now operate a core team of 22 fully trained and experienced signage installers.

Our installers visit retail, restaurant and takeaway outlets 7 days a week throughout the UK, to install, replace or remove external signage and internal POS branding. In addition to these installation services and again in line with our customers requirements, we have also established a comprehensive maintenance program which ensures the safety and presentation of signs currently deployed across the UK. This process can be automated, therefore removing any concerns regarding the potential of falling signs due to poor upkeep or tarnished signs which can have an adverse effect on how your company brand is perceived.

Via our UK manaufacturing partner, we are able to supply a variety of cost effective branding options to your bespoke design and specifcation. Some of our standard products include:

Aluminium Blade Signs (wall signs cut to your chosen shape)

Pavement Boards

Illumintaed 3D signs (lightboxes)

Ceiling Hangers

Window Decals

Internal POS Items

Please contact us via contactus@prismdigital.co.uk to discuss your requirements, request client testimonials, or for all general pricing enquiries.