Terminal storage

Our on-site warehousing is our preferred option giving instant access for stock audits and despatch. All the usual features of any major warehouse are in place including: fork lift truck; “soft pack” packing system; safe working zones etc. The warehouse itself has a capacity of 30,000 square feet, is fully alarmed and equipped with external security cameras to ensure maximum security levels. We also run a soft touch refurbishment centre within the warehouse which specialises in; the testing; cleaning; terminal configuration of various chip and pin terminals and associated equipment.


Prism supplies and distributes a wide range of consumable products directly to the payments sector, everything from bespoke printed paper rolls to cards & keys for domestic electric meters.  We can distribute single items to end users or bulk shipments to central locations, all picked and packed from our warehouse on a daily basis.

Disposal of hardware

Certified Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Disposal Service

Working closely with our partner waste recycling plant, prism is able to dispose of any unwanted equipment in accordance with WEEE regulations in a timely, cost effective manner. We take our commitment to recycling waste goods particularly seriously and wherever possible recommend this option.


All terminals that are returned from merchants to our warehouse are submitted to a thorough procedure to ensure that all stored transactions are correctly processed, ensuring there is no loss of revenue to the client.

In-house maintenance, repair and testing facilities

Located within our warehouse we have an effective “soft touch” refurbishment unit. This unit performs several different tasks focused on: repairing; testing; configuring; cleaning of chip & pin terminals and associated equipment including cables, barcode scanners etc. We also provide an in house polling service via a VPN connection to the host client systems. Combined with our collection / delivery services and complimented by our WEEE disposal program, this provides a very cost effective method of maintaining estates and prevents the requirement for costly manufacturer repair wherever possible. When warranty manufacturer repair is required, prism works closely with the leading terminal manufacturers on your behalf to ensure a smooth RMA process for your faulty equipment.

Terminal configuration

Prior to the despatch of a terminal, appropriate software can be loaded onto the device to ensure a seamless process for the merchant.